New technology increases sensitivity considerably

RMSensor works with a new an unique principle to achieve the highest possible sensitivy. This makes it possible to measure extremely weak vibrations at very low frequencies. This means that one can detect/observe events which earlier have been very hard to logg/measure with e.g. a gephone.

Geophone v.s. the new RMSensor

In an ordinary geophone the moveable mass is balanced (mounted in springs), inside a coil. The design makes the geophones acceptable angle in relative to the horizontal plane small and is absolutely vital for its function. In the newly developed RMSensor, the moveable mass is balanced in two opposing magnetic fields inside a coil. When the sensor is affected by vibration from its surrounding area, the magnetic mass will move inside the magnetic field/coil and by induction generate a high voltage output from the coil. Pragmatic tests have shown that the SNR (signal noise ratio) for the RMSensor is much higher in comparison to the Geophone. For the same vibration input the output signal can be as much as 100 times stronger than the ordinary Geophone. The design allows the RMSensor to work properly even at great deviation angle towards the horizontal plane. The RMSensor converts signals in the ground or air to electrical signals.

RMSensor converts vibration in the ground or air to electrical signals.

RMSensor is a sensor product which has as many use cases/applications as the Geophone and similar physical form/size, but which works according to an entirely new method. It is by far more
sensitive than all other known low frequency sensor (geophones/hydrophones) which exist on the market as of today.

  • With the RMSensor it is possible to detect vibrations in the ground/air and give a warning before the earthquake comes, when cracks appear in buildings, detect vehicles/persons in movement

  • RMSensorn can detect / monitor harmful vibrations in various structures such as buildings, bridges and various types of machinery. Furthermore, it can be used in seismic exploration in areas such as petroleum and mining industries.

  • The RMSensor can be applied on high cost machinery and warn for dangerous vibrations, fatigue in metal parts or bearings, propellers and axes in gearboxes, turbines and windmills.

  • The RMSensor can detect and warn for intrusion in sensitive military or civil buildings, or be used for surveillance of borders between different countries.

  • The RMSensor can be designed/adjusted so that it can detect weak sound/vibrations from objects moving in water. Different kinds of ships, e.x. (submarines).

As another example it may be used to supervise a bridge and distinguish the traffic noise from other types of vibrations/resonaces in the bridge construction, which can be dangerous to the bridge. In a trafficwarning system the RMSensor is calibrated to eliminate the existing traffic noise.

It works perfectly in water and it is able to distinguish different pnenomeons.

  • People/Animals

  • Normal/Abnormal movement in metals, normal/unwanted movements in ground

  • Normal/abnormal changes in constructions

As of today the sensor is connected to an analyzer via wire, in which the signalprocessing takes place. The analyzing equipment is available and can by a few exceptions be customized for different applications. In some cases the end user already have access to necessary analyzing equipment which can handle the output signal generated from the sensor.

As of today we are on a prototype stage, but where we have a well working demonstration unit including analyzer/software.

The number of user applications are to say at least extensive. We are convinced that the RMSensor has a very large market potential on a global level.