Gas & oil exploration

The RMSensor works good for oil and gas exploration since the high sensitivity allows signal detection even at minimal ground vibrations. Thus one can obtaion a much better picture of what happens under ground, in comparison to the well-known sensors on the market today.


The RMSensor can detect animals/people on most kind of surface outdoors as well as indoors. For groundbased surveillance of safety classed areas, e.g. nuclear powerplants, research- and military buildings to name a few, the sensor can be placed underground. Hereby an early detection of intruction can be acted upon.

Military defence

The RMsensor can be developed for hydrophone measurements. By recording different kinds of soundprofiles one can e.g. calibrate the sensor via application software to recognise and give alarm when it detects a match to a certain sound profile. It can e.g. be used to recognise a certain sound profile from a ship over or under water. For ground surveillance the RMsensor can detect vechiles on considerable distances (up to several kilometers depeding on the type of vehicle). By utilizing more sensors then also distance/position can be calucalted for a target in movement.

Warningsystem for earthquakes

The RMSensor can be adjusted for seismological measurements/detection regarding earhquakes, landslide or other typs of low freuqency vibrations for private- or national usage.

Warningsystem for vibration damage

The RMSensor can detect dangerous vibrations in e.g. winmills, different types of high value industrial machines to name a few applications.The RMSensor can detect/recognise vehicles, which e.g. run into a wire on the highway and alert a supervising operator. When it comes to cableways & bridges, the sensor can detect for dangerous vibrations/resonaces in the construction.